Leaving Kenya

  I was leaving Nairobi, Kenya. Not that I hadn’t loved every minute of my trip there, but it was time to go, and as I approached the Kenya Airways counter to receive my boarding pass for the flight to […] Read More

Back in Bahrain

      I made a trip back to Bahrain about this time last year so I will need to update the blog and share the really unique place that it is.  I have half of my family there now. […] Read More

A Miracle by Any Other Name

Admittedly this is not about the trip to Thailand or China….It is not even especially about Multiple Sclerosis, but every now and then I am reminded by the gloriousness and beauty of simple faith.  And so for my share this […] Read More

Stay Awake on Your Journey!

  Being awake for the journey doesn’t always mean travel. Sometimes it means being awake to the little miracles life has to offer. I was reminded of that awhile back, when out of the blue I was offered the job of […] Read More

Don’t Leave Yet!!!

So you have chosen your destination.  It is hopefully accessibility friendly.  You have your tickets, and you have also chosen your seat, notified the airline you have MS and you think you are ready to go…. Well not quite. Whether […] Read More

Before You Take Off!!!

Last month I embarked on a trip to Asia to learn (and subsequently teach) how to have Multiple Sclerosis and stil be able to travel well. Even though I am not new to traveling, as I have been to over […] Read More

For Your Sake, Travel.

    The thing about traveling is that it takes you out of your normal life and opens up the world in front of you. On a catamaran or a longboat down the Mekong River, all the limitations of the […] Read More

Another Year

Well it is almost 2018.  Have you reevaluated what you have done with 2017?  Have you been able to accomplish what you wanted to accomplish this year?  As I age I realize more and more how fast time flies by, […] Read More

It’s Been Awhile

Yep, yep, I have been off the grid for a bit here.  But now I have something that I just have to share. Today I received my advert that will be in Sybil Magazine next to my column for the […] Read More

An Angel in the Subway

This morning I was in a particularly vile mood. The reason is part of a long drawn out story and one I am sure you won’t want to hear. But, there I was, not so happy, not so Zen as […] Read More

Foolish, Foolish Me!

    I am amazed today at how foolish we human beings can be. Not just the folks who do those stupid tricks when they were told, “Do not attempt to do this at home.” That’s easy. We all know […] Read More

Time to Talk about Time

Or…..you could call this time to confess. I made the cards a year ago for The Color Of Woman Teacher Training by Shiloh Sophia http://www.colorofwomanschool.com  and at the time they were absolutely spot on about where I was in my […] Read More

If Money Were No Object?

Someone asked me what I would do if money were no object…and I love this question. It is probably not what you would think at all.   First thing I would do is put on a backpack and travel to […] Read More

Who Gets MS?

Who Gets MS? I was sitting in a doctor’s office about 8 years ago and he was going over my MRI. He asked me a question that I have been used to hearing at least monthly throughout my life. “What […] Read More

Happy MS Awareness Week!

  Okay maybe happy is stretching it…but I actually do feel good that we have a whole week, and month, to spread the word about MS Awareness. Today I was thinking about ways I could help the cause.  Sometimes I […] Read More

Notes from a Spoon Theory Latecomer

  November 2, 2014 fayguilian 1 Comment Must belong to a ‘Spoonie’Today I found out about the Spoon Theory. I kept seeing people on my Twitter account saying that they were ‘spoonies’, or ‘spoon collectors’ and as embarrassed as I am to […] Read More