Random Thoughts on the Here and Now

Someone once told me there is no better time than now to do what you love.  I think I was about 21 and had no idea how fast the years would go and how many obstacles would get in my way.  There was always the chance to do it later.  But you and I know that later is a figment of our imaginations and we really don’t have a later.  Did you know that?  All we have is now.  So no matter what your love is today, go out and get it done. It may not be the thing you love next week or the week after, but let’s evaluate in the scheme of life.  Is this thing you love something you will get to the end of your days and regret not doing? 

Then, in that case, I suggest you get to it.  Who wants to be full of regrets and sadness.  Go out and be full of life and be joyful.  I have to take injections and pain medicine to function fully. Others of you have lots of challenges as well.  So what?  We are full in heart even if not in perfect health and we can make each individual day count.  Set your goals for the day early. You don’t need to climb Mt Everest each day, just a little step in any direction is a step in the right direction.

You have got to have that never give up attitude so that you never give in to your disease.