December has Arrived


Well, it is late and I thought I had submitted this.  But oh well now it is January and I am ready to start a new chapter, again.   However, it is still worth posting the December post because it says a lot about what December means.


I want to celebrate December. It is kind of an important part of my life.  One of my best friends from childhood was born in December, and he also died in December.  My first marriage was in December and all the best Christmases were too.   If you have been reading about the adventures and misadventures I have had recently then you know the time between April 2018 and now has been challenging.

One of the main things that I want to feel secure about is the fact that I am giving back to the MS community.  I know that I am one of the luckier ones when it comes to MS diagnoses.  I am the person who has an invisible disease.  Handicap sticker and all.

But as lucky as I am, the past few months have left me a bit wearier and less adventurous.   Have I finally lost the gumbo that forces me to get up and go make something of a day?

That is exactly what I’ve been thinking, by gum, but I haven’t really lost anything have I?  I am making a list, and checking it , probably WAY more than twice, and I am going to get up and make the day A DAY.  In other words, make it count.

Oh yeah, and I don’t need Santa to tell me if my MS has been naughty or not,  I am a flare detector with years of experience.

So this month I am reflecting on the reason we celebrate anything.  Gratitude, love, relationships, family, patriotism, honor, and to congratulate.

Try congratulating yourself this month.  In the midst of finding your family and friends those gifts that you are sure they will put in the closet, try giving yourself a gift too.

Celebrate yourself.

Congratulate yourself.

Reward yourself.

If you are still trying to figure out why I want you to congratulate yourself, then you are probably doing everything right already.

I want us to congratulate ourselves for living well with Multiple Sclerosis.  If you continue to find a way to exercise, even though you can’t power lift any longer, If you have made healthy eating something natural instead of complaining that the food tastes like sawdust,

If you are climbing, moving your toes, wiggling your arms, dancing with your eyes, crying with your fingers, then you are learning to master this disease instead of the other way around.