Happy MS Awareness Week!



Okay maybe happy is stretching it…but I actually do feel good that we have a whole week, and month, to spread the word about MS Awareness.

Today I was thinking about ways I could help the cause.  Sometimes I have great ideas and then they fizzle.  Or, should I say I fizzle them.  Because I get tired all the time and have a lot of work to do, or the nausea kicks in and nothing ever goes well with nausea!

And so the lightbulb went on again this morning.

I want to create an online quilt for MS AWARENESS.   It is a simple idea….everyone takes a piece of something that is square and using the prompt.

_______________________________ is my medicine.   The idea is to show what you do to make yourself feel better when MS is kicking your butt!

For example mine would be:   ART IS MY MEDICINE….

Anyway I am making a sample and posting it so you can really see what I mean.

It’s a unique way can share with other MS friends, and show each other how we cope with our disease.

What do you think?

Then when you are done you can post it on MS Ribbon page on Facebook…and I will put the whole thing together in a graphic!

Do you love the idea?

Those are the basics…tomorrow I will sit  down and plan the whole shabang! But for now, I really ought to get some sleep.  :/


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    page 6 says:

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