If Money Were No Object?

Someone asked me what I would do if money were no object…and I love this question.

It is probably not what you would think at all.



First thing I would do is put on a backpack and travel to every country in the world. First just to set foot on the ground and next I would travel to all of the spiritually significant places I have not visited so far. I would somehow spread awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and  be an international  spokesperson for the cause!

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I would buy a two bedroom cottage somewhere in Mexico, Spain or a South American country….(because of the Spanish) a place where it never gets too hot or too cold, and an Old English Sheepdog. I am pretty sure I would have a live in maid., as I really am not good at cooking and cleaning.


She could take care of my dog, when I am away. A macaw, an African gray, probably a couple of cats..

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I would bring home my treasures, and then I would probably spend some time teaching teen aged girls art, or life lessons.


I would donate money to MS research of course and animal welfare…I might even start a shelter for animals

I would spend my days without TV – I would write, sit in the shade, paint and meditate.

If money were no object I would hop back and forth from the USA to Bahrain so that I could visit my daughters and their families a lot.

That’s it. No my ambitions are not lofty, but they are mine.  And that’s all they need to be.

If money were no object what would YOU do?

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