Time to Talk about Time

IMG_4477Or…..you could call this time to confess.

I made the cards a year ago for The Color Of Woman Teacher Training by Shiloh Sophia http://www.colorofwomanschool.com

 and at the time they were absolutely spot on about where I was in my life and what I had planned to do.  Nice stuff, just read them….

FAST FORWARD – 1 year and 5 months

Yeah you guessed it, none of these lofty goals have been acheived.  I’d start and stop and start again and then finally I gave up!

Yes I said gave up….so life has been passing by, another candle coming up on my cake and Lord knows I am not getting any younger or more intelligent.   Which means every bit of the brain that I still have working really needs to do just that, start working.  I mean it is my legacy I am talking about here.

  IMG_4479 IMG_4480Have you ever really given thought to what legacy you will leave in this world?  If you are reading this and you are in your twenties, or thirties, or even forties you probably have better things to do ….yep that’s what YOU THINK.

If you have past the 50 yard line, then hmmm, wanna take some advice from someone who doesn’t do what she knows she should?


I have no idea how many days I have on this earth to do what I feel i need to do, but no one does.  No matter how young or old.  And time sneaks up on us like a villian in a B movie…first you think you are perfectly safe and cozy, then BAM there it is ready to take you out.

So I am writing this advice to me, and you, and our future selves.  IMG_4482

Do the thing you think you want to leave as your legacy.  Do it now if you can.  And if you can’t do it now, then at least start making steps towards it, cause that clock is ticking and if you don’t work on it you will be the same you  10, 20, 30, 40 years later sitting in a dirty, old rocking chair having that regret that every sad, miserable, dying person has –

It’s not the things  they did they regret,  it’s what they didn’t do.

Enough…I have to get to work.

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